Agriculture is the main headline for the industrialization to the process of growing eatable products. The arts of the agricultural world has existed in many cultures for tens of thousands years and some methods are still being used to this day.

The four elements

Water, earth, fire and air all come to light when we grow our own vegatables, fruits, crops and livestock. Without good soil, rich with minerals and good water absorption, there will be no growth. Without air, wind and oxygen; spores, seeds and pollen will not be carried in the air and spread in the field, harming the breeding process for vegetation habitats. Fire, which is the sun and UV radiation; are the heat catalyst for minerals to reproduce, for water to steam and for vegetables to ripen. Water, is the main fuel and the basis fluid that helps all of those to happen.


The essence of water

Water In agriculture is the most essential asset one may have access to. No crop or livestock can be grown properly without a proper supply of drinkable and purified water. Even in emergencies like wildfires, water sprinkling systems are the most efficient line of defense that stops the fire in its progress of destruction.


The combination with mechanics

Because water is so important, the agriculture has grown so vastly in the world. different machines and water systems were developed to provide an equal amount to each centimeter of ground in a certain field. Sprinkling systems are used to provide each tree with a daily dose. Agriculture evolves around the proper supply of water.


Not every source

Not all sources of purified water is used in agriculture. According to the soul food understanding to this matter, all that comes from nature to nourish our bodies must be grown by the purest of means to maintain our feeding process as pure as possible.


Short summary

As we see, agriculture is a great and unreplaceable part of mankind. It is crucial for our nutrition, and also has a great part in producing more oxygen and aiding the planet with its cooling.