Arcadia Water is the official importer of TORAY ultra filtration systems.Ultrafiltration is a the most advanced water filter you may find. Theis technology is highly versatile, comfortable to use, simple, and yet – the most advanced water filtering technology out there. Now is the time. Let's explore the filtering solution and what makes it `Ultra`.

Membrane technology

The membrane technology is what makes the filtering ultra. It is a highly condensed membrane that are semi – passable. They provide a filtering ability in the range of 0.01 – 0.1 micrometers. Anything larger than that will not go through the membrane and out through the water output.

Industrial use

Such high level filtering abilities are always on high demand in different factories from industries all over the world. such a massive filter is always on demand in power plants, food factories, chemical plants and all you can imagine. The ability  to take wastewater and salt water and process them to the point that they are blank, with no residue is outstanding to their performances. Better products are produced, safer chemicals and it all raises the safety of the employees.

good for the farmers

just think, how good is it for the crops our farmers grow and the livestock being grown for consumption to have the most purified and clear water in the watering systems and drinking troughs. High purification rate for water is beneficial in every imaginable aspect.

Versatile use

You may find today ultrafiltration solutions in various sizes and uses. There are massive and large ultrafiltration systems for factories just as they are ultrafiltration systems for home usage. They are simple to install, easy to maintain and has a long usage life. That method is cheap and time, and energy saving.

Quick summary

Ultrafiltration is the next great thing in the water filtering world. such a range of filtering is beneficial to for many uses. From drinking and agriculture, and all the way to chemical production, cooling agents and so many other uses, purified water are good for everything. Ultrafiltration allows us to utilize different and dangerous water reserves and with the proper process with other filtering methods – make them usable for all.

System blockages and configuration features

UF Modules

Pore Size
Dimension [mm]] Data Sheet
High surface modelHFUG-2020AN   902,160216Get PDF
Standard 8″ modelHFU-2020AN   722,160216Get PDF
 HFU-1020AN  0.01291,120216Get PDF
Applicable for direct coupling to RO  HFU-2020HN   722,160216Get PDF
6″ model  HFU-B2315AN   602,322178Get PDF
4″ model  HFU-1010N   71,078114Get PDF

what arkadia can offer you

process water

Water is used in all the processes needed to maintain a functioning industrial system.


One of the biggest consumers of water reserves in every country is the agricultural industry.

drinking water

Water is the substance of life. Humans and animals alike rely on its abundance to be able to survive on our planet.


Water is one of the most fundamental substances for our existence on earth as well to our current technological advancements.