Ion Exchange

This mysterious pair of words may sound un accessible at first, but you will be shocked to hear how common and logical it is. In the Ion replacement process, synthetic resin and other non – dissolvable ions are used to bind to them other unwelcome particles in water. Get ready, things are about to become interesting

A wonder of science

In the amazing process, a solution like salt water and even wastewater goes through a massive filter made of highly condensed polymer and rich with replaceable ions. When water goes through that filter, the ions in the filter are binding unwanted resins from the water solution. The by product is clean water with low Ion content and the rest of the ions remains in the filter.

Functional use

Such filtering method is highly common in  today’s world. this method is very compatible with the reverse osmosis process, and being used in it as the main filter. Today, most industries use such filters in their water systems, whether it’s used in the drinking water systems, industrial use of water and purification for industrial and chemical processes.

Variance of solutions

Each water treatment facility, water bar company and agricultural water treatment facilities use such function of Ion replacement. It is a low – cost option that exists to improve water nutritional value. Since there are different resins and ions existing In water reserves world – wide, some places may need filters with a different set up of replicable ions.

The usage of ion replacement

This process is highly common in the water industry in facilities that preform water softening, de – mineralization, rehabilitation to ground water, salt water treatment, suage treatment and more.

In  other industries, this filtering function may be used in the food industry in all that evolves filtering liquid solutions like whey and sugar based juices.

Short summary

As we can see, the ion replacement function is highly applicable. Each industry that requires filtering solutions may use such components. The main emphasis of the ion replacement is the eco – friendliness. It allows us to reuse and recycle existing waters and solutions.

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