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Arkadia Water provides solutions in various fields concerning water use and meets every customer’s needs using advanced technologies. We tackle water engineering–related problems across all environments and multiple sectors.

Our Services

We offer a variety of solutions in the field of water treatment industry.
We give our clients advanced and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of water engineering.


Water is one of the most fundamental substances for our existence on earth. It is a source of life as well as a means for us to achieve and maintain many of our current technological advancements. Efficient water treatment facilities are becoming more important in the prevention of water shortages. That is why we here at Arkadia Water offer our valuable services.

process water

Water is used in all the processes needed to maintain a functioning industrial system. From cleaning with water - spraying to power generation, every factory needs to make sure process water is always stored in a steady supply. Arkadia Water is always committed to supplying your businesses with enough process water with utmost efficiency and low prices.

drinking water

Water is the substance of life. Humans and animals alike rely on its abundance to be able to survive on our planet. Climate change is on the rise and it’s affecting water supplies across the world. Many governments and private institutions have already chosen our technologies to combat any shortages. Together, we will ensure no one will ever be thirsty again.


One of the biggest consumers of water reserves in every country is the agricultural industry. In times of drought and lack of rain, farmers rely on their water supplies to water their crops. As a result, an abundance of stored water is important to maintain their needs. Farmers around the world have already partnered with us and preserved their water supply.

About Us

Offers a water treatment industry solutions.
We face a variety of water engineering issues and provide our customers with advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.
The company’s main activity is in providing service and handling a refrigerator water and a steam water.
Our company also specializes in setting up reverse osmosis systems and water softening and filtering systems.

We give our clients advanced and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of water engineering


Arcadia Water is the official importer of TORAY ultra filtration systems.Ultra -water filtration systems are a reliable and effective way of purifying water from scattered and collobulgles, organic materials, bacteria and viruses that do not change their salt.

Water care is our expertise

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis​ is a natural process in which a lower concentration fluid penetrates a semi -permeable chrome to a higher dissolved liquid to reach a balance of concentration that dissolves between the two fluids


In our car, in the swimming pool water system, on air purifiers, water treatment facilities – the filter is one of the most common components we come across but not fully understand its purpose. In various sizes and compatibility to many electronic devices – this is the essence of the filter.