Accessibility Declaration

Arcadia offers a variety of solutions in the field of water treatment industry. We provide our clients with advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, believe in improving the service provided to citizens with disabilities and investing most of the resources in accessing the site, so that we can make our services more available for those people with disabilities.

This site complies with the requirements of equality of rights to people with disabilities (accessibility adjustments to service), 2013.

Accessibility adjustments were carried out according to the Israeli standard recommendations (TA 5568) for online accessibility at AA and the WCAG2.0 Document.

Adjustments on the site to improve and make the site more accessible:
The site’s content is clearly written and hierarchical. In addition, if necessary we added explanations to the content.
The site is tailored to viewing modern browsers, a variety of screens and resolutions.
All site pages have a fixed structure.
All images on the site have an alternative textual explanation (ALT).
The site allows the font size change by using the CTRL key and the mouse roller.

On our site there is a navigation bar on the left at the bottom of the site, designed for disabled people.
The navigation bar contains the following options:
Providing navigation by keyboard
Adjusting a website for assisting technologies (NVDA, etc.)
Increasing site font to 5 different sizes
Stop pleasant elements and blocks the flames
Change color contrast based on dark background
Changing color contrast on a light background basis
Adapting a site to color blinds
Change font to read more
Increasing the cursor and changing its color to black or white
Highlighting links on the site
Highlighting headlines on the site
Display an alternative description for images
Accessibility Declaration
Sending accessible feedback
Contact on accessibility

If you have a problem with accessibility on our site, we would be very happy to receive inquiries on the site using: Our E -mail: