Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most common methods to filter and purify water. The fascinating process is an act of science, and such process occurs In our Water bar at home and at many purifying facilities, as well as laboratories. Let's go

What is reverse osmosis

In said process, one solution goes through a massive filter and goes from one tank to the other. Because osmatic pressure is involved as well as filters with microscopic filter abilities with condensed polymer, the process turns the solution we began with from being with high content of ions, scale, rust, sand and germs into a clean solution with a low to no content of such things.

Reverse osmosis and water treatment

the first commercial water treatment facility that took use of the reverse osmosis method was built in California in 1965, by professor Sidney Loeb from Ben – Gurion university in the south of Israel. To this day, reverse osmosis is used world wide in order to turn salt water reserves to drinkable water. In agriculture, reverse osmosis is used to turn salt water and wastewater to usable resources for crops, orchards and fields.

The importance of reverse osmosis

As you can see, water treatment facilities are all about using existing water reserves. No matter the compound of said water solutions, the reverse osmosis process allows man kind to recycle and use less of natural mater reserves that are necessary for the planet, wildlife and eco systems.

Affordable process

In current days, the largest water treatment facility in the world that used reverse osmosis that operates on a low cost exists on the southern beach strip of Israel. That facility treats over 110 million liters of water every year.

Recap and reuse

As we just read, the reverse osmosis process is one of the most efficient ways in the whole world to treat, filter and recycle water. Said method may be used in every industry that requires the use of drinkable and filtered water, including agriculture. Even the water bars in our homes are working of said method. Amazing isn’t it?

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process water

Water is used in all the processes needed to maintain a functioning industrial system.


One of the biggest consumers of water reserves in every country is the agricultural industry.

drinking water

Water is the substance of life. Humans and animals alike rely on its abundance to be able to survive on our planet.


Water is one of the most fundamental substances for our existence on earth as well to our current technological advancements.