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Water is a fundamental necessity in many aspects of human civilization. Its constant, steady supply is a requirement for many systems to operate normally. Therefore, many public and private institutions across the world have already made sure to maintain their water systems’ integrity, as well as their functionality. Arkadia Water is the company to choose for this sort of task.

our guiding principles that lead us


environmental quality

The importance of finding sustainable and environmentally – friendly solutions is always a part of our doctrine.


Energy Savings

We always strive for our products to not be wasteful when it comes to our clients’ power requirements.


water saving

The eventual goal is to design a system that does not needlessly waste precious water.


return on investment

Our services aspire to be economically desirable for our consumers.

About Us

we Offers solutions in the field of the water treatment industry in the world.

Current Global Challenges

We are seeing the effects of climate change all around us, and these effects did not skip the water industry. Rising temperatures are causing more and more heatwaves that exacerbate water shortages. Already we are witnessing mass droughts and decreasing water levels in reserves across the world.

To ensure no catastrophes occur, some have rightly chosen to combat these challenges by using the services of experienced companies. Arkadia Water is one of those companies.

What We Offer

Innovative solutions in the field of water engineering are often required. We implement our 20 – years long experience to establish a variety of water treatment apparatuses. These include reverse osmosis systems, water softening, and filtration systems. They find use in the service and treatment of cooling towers and steam boiler water, and others more.

Some of our clients

Throughout the years, we have garnered the attention of many different institutions across the world, both private and governmental. All of them now enjoy the benefits of an efficient water system. These include the Israeli government, high – tech industries, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, maintenance companies, and other institutions.

To Summarize

Our guiding principles and 20 years of water – treatment experience is the key to maintaining your institution’s water systems properly functioning. Do not leave the systems’ fate in the hands of non – professionals.

We give our clients advanced and environmentally friendly technologies in the field of water engineering

Our project in the world

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"Terra" project

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