Ultra Violet Light

The mysterious light that has engulfed our childhood by lighting various and funky posters was not even remotely close to show us it's true potential. Ultra violet light is a mean to discover various bacteria and germs. With a strong wave an high frequency, is a far more useful tool than what you may imagine.

What is ultra violet light

Ultra violet water purification is a process in which a certain supply of water is exposed to an ultra violet wave length. The exposure to such light exposes and scrambles the DNA of any germicidal form of life in said water tank.  Such action cancels out the option for said germs and bacteria to reproduce and as a result – they will not do any harm when entering the human body.

Main parts of Ultra violet water system.

The components are very simple. There is a chamber that encases everything. There is a water resistant sleeve that protects the lamp and does not filter out the Ultra violet light.

Think bigger

Ultra violet light is potentially an eco – friendly way to purify water on every scale imaginable. When applied properly, It is possible to have a water purification site using such system to disinfect massive water reserves and with proper filtering after the ultra violet treatment – you may achieve perfectly purified water.

A liquid commodity

As our world continues to evolve and the population grows, water is continuing to be not as available in 3rd world contries and various groups. The process of purifying water with ultra violet light is one of the cheapest devices to install on water lines, home water systems and the greater the scale of the operation – the greater the impact.

A short summery

Water is an untimely resource. All forms of life on our planet will forver need it to sustain them selves. As water sources are gradually growing thin, the next step will be to take responsibility and use that system. It is appliable for every home water system, purification factories – you name it. Ultra violet light – not at all what you thought.

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process water

Water is used in all the processes needed to maintain a functioning industrial system.


One of the biggest consumers of water reserves in every country is the agricultural industry.

drinking water

Water is the substance of life. Humans and animals alike rely on its abundance to be able to survive on our planet.


Water is one of the most fundamental substances for our existence on earth as well to our current technological advancements.